Apollo (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Whippet/Terrier Mix
APPROX. AGE: 6 months old
WEIGHT: 40lbs
HISTORY: Previously rescued from RMAR and returned due to adoptive family has member with allergies.
TEMPERAMENT: Playful, energetic.
PERSONALITY: Happy and loves to run! Loves to hang out anywhere you are especially the kitchen (hoping for snacks)
BEST MATCH: Active family/person who likes taking runs, walks, jogging, hiking, and dog parks. Another playful dog in household good too. Ideally would be great with some one who can take him out and let him run/play fetch often.
FAVORITE THINGS: Loves to run! He loves hanging with you in the kitchen and you’ll often find his little nose between your feet. His favourite snacks are cucumbers, broccoli stems (anything crunchy really) and blueberries. Cuddle time is a must as he loves to be close and give kisses – he has a special love for licking ears.

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