APPROX. AGE: 2-3 years old
SIZE: Medium, 26 kgs
HISTORY: An abandoned dog in Qatar in the mid-east who is very social with humans and dogs. A caring person called someone they knew who helps dogs and they found Apollo on the beach in severe heat and no shade or food, dying, severely dehydrated and spent days in the vet on IV.
Temperament: He’s pretty chilled as huskies go, not overly energetic but does love his playtime, he definitely had been with children before and enjoys them, really sweet and affectionate. A bit shy when does not know you due to upbringing without others that showed much attention then abandoned and living in a traumatized state. He lives with Nakita, they get along well.
Personality: He’s so sweet!, will walk away from any altercation, not a fighter.
Small dogs: He is fine
Children: Good with kids
Cats: Not sure will check
FAVORITE THINGS: Likes to chew chews, be with people who are kind and love him. To run anytime he gets a chance to stretch his legs. Dog parks we know he would love a lot!

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