Ariel (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Husky/Shepherd/Bassett mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1 year old
HISTORY: Homeless pregnant teen in N. Sask. far north community. A kind woman gathered up as many of hungry stray dogs as possible and brought to us. She had darling puppies and was a great mother shortly after arriving. She enjoys playing with her puppies, as well as the other mothers puppies, they all love her.
TEMPERAMENT: Ariel is very sweet, keen on seeing new things. Is a middle ranking dog.
PERSONALITY: She is resourceful, smart, tenacious, outgoing, frisky, playful, bold, endearing and loving. Very cute this young lady. She is regal and playful. A well rounded fun loving dog companion who also enjoys the company of other medium and large playful dogs.
BEST MATCH: Someone that would like to teach her things, basic training, rules of the house. Best no pushovers or couch potatoes! Ariel would like to now be a pet dog and get out to see the world, scamper at parks, hikes, adventures. Relax at home by the far or deck afterwards. Good around all the dogs, cats and puppies. Enjoy children and going for walks on leash.
FAVORITE THINGS: Eating! Going fo walks. Relaxing inside the house. Goofing around.

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