Asal (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Sheltie mix/Indigenous Iranian Herding Dog
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 10 months old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium – 20 Kg
HISTORY: Isal is from Iran and was found by ladies that went looking in an area known to have homeless dogs. Rescuers got in touch with us since they were saving dogs and had no one to adopt them and were very overcrowded. They fundraise to get the vetted and flown to us. Dogs in Iran are often abused and killed by the municipality if they wander into town, so caring people go looking for dogs. They found something startling about Asal. Pictured here by a tree, she could not move. Turned out, she had been raped! She spent two month in the veterinary clinic healing from a fracture of her spinal cord and internal damage. She is now healed, and only can tell there were major health problem is she in unable to lift her tail.
TEMPERAMENT: Sweet & Playful, check out her video’s :). Asal is strong willed, determined. She knows what she wants. She’s very loving.
PERSONALITY: Happy-go-lucky, adventurous. Asal has a natural curiosity about things. She can be a bit of a guard dog, meaning, when hears strange noises in the distance she will bark in the yard.
BEST MATCH: In a home with active people who will take her on adventures. Big fenced backyard would be nice. An adopter to teach basics and manners using reward based training and mild reprimands when appropriate. Mostly Reward-Based training for Asal, since reprimands don’t work as well due to her strong personality. Playful, fun training rewarding the behaviour you’re aiming for is better!
FAVORITE THINGS: Having people play with her. She loves to play with other dogs.

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