Astra (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Border Collie/Newfoundland
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: 55lbs
HISTORY: Astra spent most of her life on the reserves in Northern Alberta, but was rescued in May.
TEMPERMENT: Loving, sassy, but has a loud bark. Astra only barks when she is ‘defending her people’, but sometimes may confuse a reflection in the window for intruders. She may try to ‘sass’ her human when she is being scolded for being a little defiant, but does not have any intention to hurt and loves cuddling on the couch or even in bed if she’s allowed!
PERSONALITY: Super affectionate, playful and loves people and playing with other dogs. She is very attentive to people and will hide in the corner if she thinks she is in trouble, slowly wagging her tail only if she thinks she has been forgiven. She is very easily trained, and already knows sit and stay and almost knows down and has only been with her temporary family for 1 week.
BEST MATCH: Someone who will bring her for long walks, play with her, somewhere she can explore and sniff everything to her heart’s delight. Astra doesn’t like being left alone, despite doing well at it, so would do well if she could have a buddy with her or in a home where she isn’t left alone for too long. While Astra would love a big yard for her to run in, she can also stay in a smaller space as long as she has at least one long walk per day.
FAVOURITE THINGS: People, exploring, cuddling, tummy rubs, spending time with humans, collecting socks/treats/stuffed animals, and gnawing at bones.

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