August (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Lab Cross
Gender: Female
APPROX AGE: 7 weeks old (as of September 10th)
SIZE: Medium.
HISTORY: August was rescued with her 5 sisters from Northern Alberta after they had been abandoned and their Mom had been euthanized for unknown reasons. They came to us with their eyes barely open and needed bottle feeding for a long while before they became the sweet strong pups they are today!
TEMPERAMENT: August is an energetic little pup who likes to play and find chew toys! She loves slippers (but only while they’re being worn!), being outside, and playing on the grass. She’s a very smart puppy who was able to learn how to use stairs quickly but is still learning her body and can be a bit clumsy sometimes.
BEST MATCH: Someone who will take her out and be active with her but will still give her lots of cuddles and pets.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Freeze dried treats, spending time outdoors, cuddles and attention.

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