Ayaz (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 years old
HISTORY: Ayaz was found by a couple that helps homeless dogs who found him in a freezing cold storm in Turkey on a piece of cardboard in the wind trying to get comfortable, which was impossible due to starvation and missing fur due to low immune system.
TEMPERAMENT: Ayaz is very sweet, shy of new people, playful personality. She is a bit headstrong if determined to get food or inside, but is also now learning new rules and how to be a pet. She’s a gem.
PERSONALITY: If Ayaz had an upbringing not as a homeless dog, he’d be a happy go lucky type dog, middle ranking, with outgoing side of him. As of now he’s still learning about being around other dogs, and now doing terrific! Loves playing with other dogs.
BEST MATCH: Someone with another dog! Or friends and family so they can get together and play. An adopter with patience and compassion, since Ayaz is still learning the ropes. An adotper with time to train basics, and no pushovers. Some to take on outgoings, hiking, road trips, and set rules and boundaries. We recommend someone with strong leadership skills.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with other dogs, laying on the couch, getting attention, and meal time!

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