Bagerha (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Domestic short hair
AGE: 4 months
HISTORY: Found wondering on road side in British Virgin Islands, Tortolla, a deserted area with burned paws, all by himself.
TEMPERAMENT: Very sweet little kitty. Independent, friendly but does not like to feel smothered.
PERSONALITY: Affectionate, easy going and playful with other cats. very healthy and looks like his is going to be large cat by the size of his paws.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: Came into home with 5 other foster kitties slightly younger, 2 adult cats and resident neighbour dog. He fitted in well despite his injuries and was always easy going and independent.
BEST MATCH: He will fit in with any family or situation. Someone that will play with him. He likes chasing feather toy. An adopter who has another young cat.
FAVORITE THINGS: Wet cat food, catching mice. Sleeping on your book/kindle when reading and playing with other cats.

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