Barclay (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Yellow lab mix
APPROX. AGE: 5 years old
HISTORY: Owned as a pup from a lady who suddenly passed away. Wasn’t found for 3 weeks. Spent some time at the vet to recover then at the Calgary pound for a couple more weeks before foster care. He does well around other dogs as far and we know.
TEMPERAMENT: Easy going and needs to learn rules and boundaries.
PERSONALITY: Energetic, playful.
BEST MATCH: Adult with no children. Someone who can teach him manners! An adopter who has the time and desire to teach basic obedience. A good leader.
FAVORITE THINGS: Love and affection, his toys, going for walks and playing in the backyard. Favourite game is fetch. And, of course, treats! Good way to teach basic training:). His one willing boy who will work for his food if taught and asked.

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