BREED: Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 7-8 months old
SIZE: Medium/Large
HISTORY: Found homeless at the gas station apparently abandoned along with her brother found a day later. Bean was shivering in extreme cold at gas pumps searching for food. You could barely breath is was so cold out. She was found lonely, sad, cold, shivering, and scared. She was so happy to get into a warm car then to her first foster mom’s apartment.
TEMPERAMENT: Medium ranking, mellow, respectful of other dogs
PERSONALITY: Could fit in any type of home. Touchy feely Bean is, she likes cuddling. Enjoys people, cats, all dogs, kids, everyone!
PETS NEEDS: More socialization. Found living on a reserve, now in foster care, so ongoing socialization to new places, car rides, dog parks, pet stores, etc. Teach rules and boundaries. Basic training.
BEST MATCH: Someone looking for an affectionate dog and likes to go walking on days other than really cold.
FAVORITE THINGS: Snuggling, being close to you, playing with people, dogs and toys. For sure someone that likes to cuddle!

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