Blanc (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: St. Bernard
APPROX. AGE: 5 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large, 68 kg
HISTORY: Blanc is from Rosarito, Mexico and is an owner surrender because the owners moved to an apartment. He also has a best friend, a boxer he lives with. We’re hoping to find someone looking for a PAIR of nice dogs. Even though he has thick fur and he has been living in a hot city, he usually inside. We imagine he’d love the snow in Canada! Along with meandering around large property with his Boxer buddy! We learned he lost one eye. We decided to help him and have him transported to Canada because our weather he’d thoroughly enjoy, as well as opportunity for outings.
BEST MATCH: Best not placed with a dominant dog. Blanc doesn’t trust highly dominant with unbalanced nature. An adopter experienced with large breed and guard type dogs. He is used to being around children and other dogs. Would keep him separate with dog though that have tendency to fight. We have a feeling Blanc can hold his own. He would make a good guard dog more than likely on acreage.
FAVORITE THINGS: Being around people who love him. Hanging out with his best pal, a boxer named Obbie, also available for adoption, pictured with him kissing 🙂
NOTE: Blanc will be flying out of California at the end of January.

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