Breed: Golden Retriever mix
Gender: Male
Age: 1-2 years old
Size: Medium
History: Found as an abandoned dog by a concerned woman in severe heat in Saudi Arabia.
Personality: A bit shy till he knows you due surviving as a puppy with no one to care about him or show him love.
How is the dog with small dogs: Very friendly to all dogs, he loves Dhabia the best, the other dog flying with him into Calgary.
How is the dog with cats: Friendly with all animals.
How is the dog will children: Not tested
Favourite things: Playing and being with Dhabia, another dog in the shelter. Running!
Best Match: Dog people who like outdoor lifestyle and can take him to run to burn off energy and socialization. If lucky, adopter looking for two dogs! That way darling Dhabia and Blondie can have a life together and adopter enjoy having the two of them. Two dogs is much better than one for owner and dogs!

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