BREED: Australian Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 3.5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium, 42 lbs
HISTORY: Found as a stray in bad shape and extremely skinny, malnourished from homelessness. Been in shelter cage for over a years and a half but now with us and looking for a home with experienced pet owner. It’s obvious she had an abusive past.
TEMPERAMENT: Very affectionate, friendly and loving once she knows you, shy around some new people but coming out of her shell. Has come a very Long way since arriving with us. If a lot of commotion and or anxiety or yeah too much excitement in close proximity from another dogs she can get nervous.
PERSONALITY: Bodie is a gem, with a really bad past. She can be goofy and begs for attention once a relationship established. Going on a walk, spending time outside, will help her learn to be more balanced after living in a shelter cage. Has met strangers no issues.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: We recommend home with no children. (See below)
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Socialization with strangers, basic obedience. Positive reinforcement training. Experienced pet owner who is not looking for a dog to hug and pet a lot. A companion enjoying your space, inside and outside of home. She loves affection however came to us after fearful of people and would sometimes bite if a hand came fast in front of her face when she was feeling anxious. She has been rehabilitated now, not fearful, shows no signs of biting, although if someone suddenly reached for her she may resort to over-reacting to prevent anyone from grabbing her collar. We can tell she had some very bad experiences around people in her past life. Dogs only react like that if they had been physically hurt by humans on a regular basis. An adopter that understands rules and boundaries and can offer running exercise and ongoing socialization.
BEST MATCH: Experienced dog owner with dog psychology comprehension. No children. Another balanced playful dog her size helpful. Yard and fence preferably.
FAVORITE THINGS: Kongs toys, walks on leash. Running at dog parks. Being inside near people. Laying inside on landing on staircase.

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