BREED: Black Lab
APPROX AGE: 5 years old
WEIGHT: Approx 70Lbs
HISTORY: Surrender. No fault of Buddy, his family could no longer care for him.
TEMPERAMENT: Buddy loves all humans, loves getting pets and attention. Selective dogs (typically large) he does not appreciate when they come near. He may bark, growl or snap. He is OK to have a four-legged sibling with a controlled introduction and a strong leader to set boundaries.
PERSONALITY: Typical lab, makes for a great family dog.
BEST MATCH: Best fit would be with owners thats don’t care to go to off-leash dog parks since Buddy can be reactive towards high energy, overly active dogs. He’s better on his own with an adopter to teach him basic obedience. He has a little, but definitely needs remedial work to pay attention. He would be a good running and hiking and traveling buddy. He Loves car rides! He needs to learn to focus, so reward based clicker training would be ideal. A home with no cats since he seems like he may chase them, and no children, since he’s pushy and and needs an adopter who has more time to put into his basic obedience, rules and boundaries and take out for exercise. Not for a first time pet owner. Needs to learn walking on a leash without pulling, or a big yard and car rides. Buddy prefers to be with people. He is curious, so an adopter with adventurous lifestyle would work, or long walks and relaxing inside by the couch.
FAVORITE THINGS: Toys, fetch, food, running, getting pets and love.
SPECIAL NOTES: He does the cutest little bum dance when you pet his back.

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