Buddy (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Spaniel/Chihuahua mix
APPROX. AGE: 5 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: small (stands 18″ high) & 15-18lbs
HISTORY: Buddy was found homeless on the street in Mexico City by a lady from Vancouver who found him ‘skin and bones’. She couldn’t bare to leave this little dog as she found it so she took it home…knowing she would have to move soon to another not-friendly place in Mexico. She contacted us about taking Buddy. He is flying into Vancouver on April 18.
TEMPERAMENT: Very friendly. He’s kind of needy, will follow you around everywhere.
PERSONALITY: Happy go lucky, outgoing, loving boy. Good around other dogs, kids and men. Loves to be held, he wraps his paws right around your neck and rest his head on your shoulder. He also has one tooth that sticks out, my dog has that too. I call it a snaggle tooth, gives them character.
BEST MATCH: someone wanting a lap dog, he loves to be held.
FAVORITE THINGS: Chewing on bones. He never had a toy to play with on the streets so hasn’t learned about them yet. He mostly likes the security and attention being with someone who loves him.

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