Canela (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Golden Retriever/Shepherd mix
AGE: 3 years old
GENDER: Female
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium ~45 lbs
HISTORY: Canela was a homeless stray in Tijuana, Mexico when she was rescued. She was found dying on the street starving with raw wounds due to mange. She was too weak to even stand up. She was infested with ticks/fleas and mange. She was immediately taken to the vet for medical treatment. The critters are gone and her hair has grown back. She is now healthy and looking for a family.
TEMPERAMENT: Canela is a very calm dog. She can lay down all day and be quiet but when someone comes at the door or the front gate she will bark.
PERSONALITY: Calm, playful, and a human attention seeker (loves to jump on people to steal kisses)
BEST MATCH: Since she loves to jump on people, a household with no small children would be ideal since she can accidentally push them. A home with adults and older kids would be best. An adopter who would take Canela out to dog parks to run, go on hikes, get more socialized to see the world, and take her to places dogs like such as beaches and lakes so she can run.
FAVORITE THINGS: She is happy just laying on her bed enjoying a bone treat but she can also enjoys daily walks.
PLEASE NOTE: Canela’s transport/arrival date is Sunday, November 4. Interested adopter’s can pre-adopt, please inquire.

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