Captain (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Belgian Malinois
APPROX. AGE: 3 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium/Large
TEMPERAMENT: Captain has been around lots of dogs of all sizes, cats, and people and does well with them. He mostly enjoys people throwing a ball for him to jump and catch or run, chase and bring back to you. His skill level is unbelievable! He’s such an incredible companion. You almost feel you’re with a person and not a dog. His intelligence is far greater than most dogs. He has a very endearing sweetness. Due to his breed he has the propensity to guard your house, barking if strangers near by. He does though, stop barking when you tell him.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who works in the field or looking to do volunteer work in SEARCH & RESCUE. Captain is one of the most magnificent sniffer dogs ever met. A responsible, mature, dog owner that knows shepherds, experienced with larger breed dogs and Reward-Based Training Methods. An adopter who has the time to put into working with Captain so he can use his very intelligent mind. An adopter who wants a dog as a companion, protector perhaps, and dog sports such as Sniffer/Search and Rescue/Agility. Captain can save lives. He is like no other dog. He needs an adopter who can help him realize his very amazing potential.
HOME LIFE: We are looking for a home with no children, a calm household with active adopter who wants a companion to go places with. We ideally would like to place Captain in a home with an adopter who can take a dog to work with them, Search and Rescue,…. outdoor forestry. Something along those lines. An adopter who is leader, so Captain is the follower. He loves to listen and follow instructions, he just needs further training in that area and he will highly excel far beyond most all dogs.
FAVORITE THINGS: Chasing, catching, running after and finding a ball thrown for him. Relaxing afterwards on a dog bed in the house.

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