BREED: Shibu/Houd mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 8 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium, 35-40 lbs
HISTORY: Due to a life-changing event in prior owner’s life, they can no longer keep her. She shared her home with a black lab who was her best friend. She lost her home, her best friend and her family. As a result of her loss she is a bit anxious and feels displaced.
TEMPERAMENT: She is really smart, adorable dog that wants to please her humans. She enjoys meeting people and is at her best with adults. Being around young children and other-unknown dogs is stressful for her. Even though she shared her prior home with a lab we suspect that she was not socialized and does not know how to interact with new dogs.
PERSONALITY: Even at 8 years she is fit and likes a good run. In her old home she used to run trails with the owner 15-20 kms. She has gone through agility training, is house trained and knows basic commands. Her favourite activity in the home is to relax, cuddle and be by your side.
BEST MATCH: A family with no other pets and older children (14 plus) where someone is preferably home. She really bonds with her human.
Other Info: Since she is food motivated its best to feed her separately and to keep food out of reach when she is alone. Food motivation also makes her easy to train and she likes to show off her tricks. She likes to chase squirrels, small animals, sometimes even things that move buts stays clear of horses and cattle. She is crate trained but prefers to be outside. Will require proper training to learn to behave around dogs.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Running and going for a walk in the morning and afternoon, lazing in the house, chew toys, meeting and pleasing adults.

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