Chappi (ADOPTED!!)

BREED/MIX: Dachshund/Chihuahua (Chiweenie) Cross
APPROX. AGE: 5 years old
HISTORY: Chappi was rescued by our partner organization in Tijuana from the local pound 3 years ago, and has been waiting ever since for his chance to come to Canada and find his forever family
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Chappi is a very playful, loyal, and cuddly little buddy. He’s absolutely adorable and will follow his humans around the house, wherever they’re going, and if he notices your hands are free, he’ll give you kisses until you remember that idle hands can be put to a better use! (how? by giving him lots of scritches behind his ears and as many belly rubs as possible, of course!). Chappi is still a little fearful of big men, and will run under the table if he is approached too quickly, but is slowly learning that the new humans in his life only want to give him cuddles, treats, and take him on walks!
CHILDREN, OTHER DOGS, CATS & ANIMALS: Chappi would do well in a house with all/any of the above! He’s a very calm dog, and will run across the back of the sofa just like a cat himself! He doesn’t ‘play’ much with other dogs, but definitely peacefully coexists with them. Chappi would be the perfect dog for a house with children as he’s very calm, great on a leash and is happy curling up in your lap and getting cuddles.
BEST MATCH: A family who would take Chappi on lots of walks, and give him lots and lots of attention and cuddles. Chappi would love to put on a little sweater, go for a long walk with his humans, and end the evening curled up in front of a fireplace!
FAVORITE THINGS: Cuddles, scratches behind his ears, and belly rubs!

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