BREED: Shepherd Mix
GENDER: Male (neutered)
AGE: 4.5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large, 85lbs
HISTORY: Charles is a rescue dog from Behchoko, NT. His first 2 years were spent free roaming prior to being picked up by the SPCA where he spent 8 months prior to being adopted. Charles has come a long way since his adoption but still has some dog aggression issues that require mitigation and attention.
TEMPERAMENT: Indoors; Charles is very well tempered and mannered at home. He is very calm and easy going indoors and hasn’t displayed any destructive behaviour while inside and doesn’t bark. Charles is crate trained if necessary.
Outdoors; Charles is extremely active outdoors and curious. He displays dog aggression while on leash and is hit or miss when meeting dogs off leash.
PERSONALITY: Charles typically doesn’t show interest in people he doesn’t know. He is a loyal dog and a great adventure companion. He is great in canoes, on paddle boards, on boats, and in cars. He has been on many adventures including multi day paddle trips in the NWT, camping trips, and road trips. Charles has a prey drive and can be very independent while on hikes, he typically checks in every 5 minutes before running back through the bush. He is a great tracker and capable of always finding his back to you. Charles is a big goofball while playing and is an all round big lovable fur ball. His previous owner encountered wolves and bears while hiking with Charles and he stuck around and remained by his side.
BEST MATCH: Experienced large dog owner, preferably malamutes or similar. Someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, lives in snow country and is looking for an adventure companion. Large fenced in yard or in a rural area or has easy access to nature. No children. No cats. No small dogs. Good with medium or large female dogs.
FAVORITE THINGS: Long walks/hikes, skiing/skijoring, playing in the snow, belly rubs, swimming.
NOTE: Charles is currently located in Yellowknife, NWT. When the right adopter comes along, Charles will be transported to meet to adopt.

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