Charlie Bean (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: German Shepard
AGE:About 6 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large 75lbs
HISTORY: Surrendered by owner from Saskatchewan. He came from a home where the owner was an older lady who loved him, but he was getting too big and he was being kenneled all day.
TEMPERAMENT: Charlie being is a very happy boy now and is really good around other dogs. Charlie Bean seeks attention from people and bonds very quickly with someone that cares about him and show him attention. He is good around dogs, cats and puppies.
PERSONALITY: Very sweet and gentle, loves his stuffies (especially to destuff them!). He is a smart boy who needs to be challenged and allowed to run in dog parks and a big yard.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Charlie Bean needs to have time do you teach basic training, rules, boundaries and manners. He’s quite smart I need someone to direct his attention to them and how to pay attention and to follow through. Clicker training works wonderfully for something like this. Charlie Bean with learn very fast if he has someone to teach him what they want
BEST MATCH: Needs an experienced dog owner who has basic understanding of dog training.
FAVORITE THINGS: Stuffies – shredding them 🙂. Spending time with people. Car rides. Going places. Charlie Bean has never had an opportunity to go places before, no car rides, no adventures, no outings, no leash walks, or dog parks. He’s an older boy now and we look forward to him getting a new chance to enjoy with someone that is looking for a Shepherd and a wonderful companion.

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