Breed: Shepherd mix with chance of some Husky
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 5 weeks old
Size/Weight: Medium, 25 Kg (50+ Lbs)
History: Rescued during the -35 degree cold snap.
Temperament: Active, curious and he has no fear! Easy-going and loves to play.
Personality: Adventurous spirit who loves to explore, but he is also a big “Mama’s boy” who loves to cuddle. He likes challenges and not afraid to play with older puppies. He is a rotund little fellow who is the only one with a white tip on end of his tail! He may try to use his beautiful blue eyes to get his way with his furever family. 🙂
Best Match: Will need an active family with lots of space to let off energy. Ideally would eventually have a companion to play with.

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