Chase (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Chihuahua
APPROX. AGE: 8-9 months old
SIZE & WEIGHT: small, 3 kg
HISTORY: Chase and his mother, Pimienta, was found chained up their entire life before Maria in Mexico saved them and brought to her sanctuary.
TEMPERAMENT: Chase has an outgoing, playful, adventurous, upbeat temperament. He loves people, loves attention and activity.
PERSONALITY: Chase is a funny boy who is up to anything fun! He has energy, can be a bit bossy, but listens when you tell him to mind his manners. Chase is a little love bug. Wiggly, loving, wants to sit on your lap when relaxing.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who likes to take their little dog out with them to go places, walks in town, hiking, car rides, any outing, lakes and parks. He Loves to run and check things out, so needs adopter that is the same. No couch potatoes for this little ball of energy! An adopter to teach basic training (recommend clicker, especially since he is so tiny). A responsible adopter, being Chase can and will jump out the car window to take himself on an adventurous run! He comes back….but not till he’s had a little sprint around. So, best to take him to the park and lakes! An adopter who wants a little dog to cuddle under the covers with them at bedtime. A good fenced yard is really helpful for this little guy.
FAVORITE THINGS: Running! Loves to run in large outdoor areas, and if have other dogs, any size, thats even better! Someone playing with him with a stuffie. Running, playing, and sleeping next to his mother Pimienta. Chase curls up under your covers and sleeps soundly all night. He loves tasty human food (Like all dogs! 🙂

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