Chiba (“Chee-Ba”) (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Domestic Short Hair
APPROX. AGE/DOB: May 16, 2014 – 3 years old
HISTORY: Chiba is from a farm North of Calgary. He now is sadly for adoption since his wonderful pet owner has been re-diagnosed with cancer.
TEMPERAMENT: Chiba likes people. He also likes to play chase and tag with dogs. Chiba got his name because he loves to eat cheese!
Chiba is friendly, confident, and loves to snuggle. He is very polite – he meows and butt head asking to get his head and cheeks scratched!
BEST MATCH: It would be best for Chiba to be in a home with a yard (supervised outside of course) and other animals, especially with a friendly dog. He likes dogs 🙂
FAVORITE THINGS: Chiba loves to eat cheese and Feline Greenies, but he eats very little so it seems he enjoys the social interaction of asking for treats and getting treats as affection. He loves to play with balls, little toy cars, feathers on a stick and mice. He would bring little balls and mice into his little cat bed and leave them for you on your bed.
***SPECIAL REQUEST FROM OWNER: After Chiba find his new home, I would like to see Chiba with his new family. Because I am sick and have to give up Chiba, I would like to know that he is well taken off and well loved should I not be able to beat this cancer and die. I have been very blessed to have him in my life for all the love and joy that he brings. I now need to return this heart of gratitude and not be selfish to keep him until the very end and not knowing that he is taken care of.

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