Circe (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Husky/German Shepherd
GENDER: Female (spayed)
APPROX. AGE: 4 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: 90lbs
HISTORY: Rescued from a First Nations Reservation in Northern Alberta. She had knee surgery in January and is making a good recovery, and has good mobility but limps. She is able to go down stairs, but needs a little assistance go up stairs.
TEMPERAMENT: Loving, affectionate, very calm and very quiet and only barks when she encounters strange dogs or animals. Circe has also lived with cats – and is very gentle and friendly toward cats. Her best buddy used to be a cat.
PERSONALITY: Calm, affectionate, loves to interact with people. She is very gentle and attentive to her human family members and very sensitive to their moods. She is intelligent and easily trained. She responds best to rewards, love, and a calm, gentle manner. She is loyal and devoted.
BEST MATCH: A single person or family. Circe used to be a super athlete and still enjoys walks and lots of outdoor time, but does not have the strength and endurance to go for long outings. Circe does love being outdoors and is used to getting a lot of outdoor time. While Circe would love a home with a yard she can hang out in, she is so well house trained that she could easily live in an apartment.
FAVOURITE THINGS: People, affection, tummy rubs, spending time with he humans. Car rides. Cuddling with her humans. Bones (the bigger, the better). She loves the snow and, if she is given property opportunity to adjust to the cold, has been very happy being outside in -32 C (though, she has never spent more than an hour in such extreme temperatures).

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