BREED: Pitbull/Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 8 weeks old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium when fully grown
HISTORY: Their Mama was found malnourished, fighting over a chicken carcass in the trash. She had had to range quite far from her puppies to find food but we knew they were out there and didn’t give up the search! Six beautiful puppies were found scared and cold taking shelter in an old mattress frame among rusted metal and rotting scraps of fabric.
TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate, Happy, Curious.
PERSONALITY: CoCo is a playful, happy little girl who adores her siblings and can’t get enough attention from you! She is content letting others go first in to adventure but never far behind. Has mastered the “Puppy dog eyes” therefore wrapping you around her tiny paw within minutes of meeting! She is trained to pee on the pad at night but prefers to go outside and is very comfortable in her crate.
PECKING ORDER: Mid-ranking, no interest in being alpha.
BEST MATCH: An affectionate and active household who will bring her up as a beloved member of the family.
FAVORITE THINGS: Snuggles, playtime and her family.

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