Coco (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd/husky mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1 year old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium / 57lbs
HISTORY: Coco was born and raised on the Fox Lake Reserve in Alberta. She was a stray and one of the school teachers started feeding her when she was about 5-6 months old. He was not able to bring her inside since they’re not allowed pets in teacher housing. Coco was left to roam, but the teacher left her straw, gave her the puppy vaccinations and fed her. She played with his children and was very protective of them when other dogs were around. The Reserves in that area very sadly has a yearly dog cull :(, and the teacher was concerned for Coco’s safety so, he contacted a shelter up north and they contacted us. The shelter received Coco on Jan 13, 2018. She has been friendly with people but being so confined with other dogs she wasn’t adjusting well. Coco was housed at the end of the aisle with in their resident puppy and small senior area since their quiet and Coco didn’t seem to pay much attention to them.
TEMPERAMENT: Coco has mostly been friendly towards people and we will be working on food aggression (common for dogs that starved) and with dogs she doesn’t know. She was never properly socialized. However, we know how to do this and will be working on it when she arrives.
PERSONALITY: The shelter hasn’t been able to see her true personality shine through yet. Coco has been so tense and anxious since arriving at the northern shelter which is not ideal for dogs.
BEST MATCH: Please check in with us since we don’t know yet, please see note below.
FAVORITE THINGS: Coco loves being outside and food; especially a Kong stuffed with treats & cheez wiz.
PLEASE NOTE: The shelter staff and RMAR are working on a transport date to Calgary are and our rescue centre. Please inquire if interested about the date. Email:


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