Coco (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Jack Russell Terrier Mix
AGE: 1 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small, about 15 lbs
HISTORY: Rescued by Maria in from the Rosarito, Mexico pound, which is a really bad place for dogs to find themselves.
TEMPERAMENT: Coco is very active and playful. He can’t wait to go for a car ride and sits patiently in the passenger seat waiting to where you are going. He’s a good little rowdy dog with a ton of personality. He’s has a quirky bubbly happy go lucky attitude. He’s one happy guy with a smile on his face when there are people and dogs around. We think he is just so darn thankful to be out of the dog pound and homeless on the street!
BEST MATCH: Coco is looking for an active family who can take him hiking or to the dog park.
FAVORITE THINGS: Coco loves to play with large dogs, he’s a funny boy! He loves being with people, any people, as long as he gets attention. He Craves attention. And he loves big rowdy ones are best. He also likes chasing cats…so, no cats in the household for him. He finds chasing them irresistible if he is not distracted by something else he likes better. He is a very fast runner, and hiking he would thrive doing. His adventurous nature leads him to investigate his new surroundings with glee. He also likes eating horse poop! So no horse pastures for him!
NEEDS: Could use some basic training. Needs leader type owner. Older kids not younger kids. He’s good around children but parents need the time to teach him basics and take him out to dog parks to run and adventures. He Loves to run!

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