BREED: Great Dane/Saluki mix
GENDER: Male (neutered)
APPROX. AGE: 10-11 months old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large – 25 Kg
HISTORY: Cooper is from Iran who was a stray puppy and every day he was waiting for food, water and affection the local rescue group brought him and his friends. He grew bigger and bigger everyday, he had fun with his friends in the park he lived in, his friends and the neighbours cared for him, until the day he got stabbed by someone on the street and had to be sent to hospital! He didn’t know what he’d done to be a victim of such violence! Fortunately, he fully recovered, got neutered and is at a healthy weight of 25 Kg. He is too friendly to be released and such a good dog, very careful with his behaviour around humans, walks well on leash too and zero aggression! A very calm and smart dog, mid-high energy.
TEMPERAMENT: Sweet & playful with other dogs, doesn’t have a lot of confidence with people. Needs some one-on-one and basic training using reward based methods. Wants attention, but a bit scared at first to receive it. Needs his confidence built with training and socialization.
PERSONALITY: Happy Go-Lucky once he knows you, shy at first.
BEST MATCH: In a home with active people who will take him on adventures – Big fenced backyard needed. Another balanced dog for him to play with very helpful. A calm environment. Best not with children. Confident adopter of big dogs who will help Cooper past the stage of him feeling insecure of new people. Would like to take him out to see and explore the world.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food, Friends, and Playing with other dogs running around a big yard to stretch his long legs.

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