Coqueta (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Chihuahua/Red Heeler Cross
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 5.5 years old
SIZE: Small, around 25 lbs
HISTORY: Coqueta was dumped on the side of a dirt pile many years ago and has spent most of her life waiting for her chance to come to Canada and know what it’s like to be loved, to be doted on, and to be cuddled every day.
TEMPERAMENT: Coqueta is super sweet, can be very active, is alert and up for hiking, running, playing, anything! She walks as though she was leash trained, until you get her out in wilderness, then she’s so excited to see new things. She loves adventures. She is a quiet little monkey and gets along with other dogs, and is okay just standing back and observing, and at other times, she wants to be moving, excited to go places, sniff things, and explore. She’s an absolute sweetheart. She would be good with children, cats, and at dog parks with other dogs.
BEST MATCH: Someone who’ll show her the love she deserves and take her out on walks, running, jogging, hiking, buy her warm clothes, take her to the dog park, and give her lots and lots of snuggles! She’d be a good dog as the second dog in the house or on her own.

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