Daisy (ADOPTED!!)


GENDER: Female
SIZE: Large, 50lbs
HISTORY: Was surrendered to us due to aggression for us to rehab, to keep her from being ‘put down’. However, Daisy is not aggressive. Her loving and understanding foster family had no problem with her from the first day. She is uncertain, a bit fearful, and had good reason.
TEMPERAMENT: Daisy is a shy dog due to not receiving good socialization when young, then isolated. In her current foster home Daisy gets jealous of other dogs and picks a fight. She is not good with cats. Daisy needs to be the only dog. She shows signs of jealousy if other dogs get attention.
PERSONALITY: Is shy and leary of men but does come around. Shows signs of being beaten by previous owner.
BEST MATCH: She is a good match for someone that does not want to take their dog to dog parks. Daisy needs an adopter who knows dogs and ideally, shepherds. She needs firm rules and boundaries, an adopter who is a pack leader. Someone firm and fair, responsible. Daisy has a lot of energy so is ideal for a runner/jogger/bike rider/ski-jouring. She would make a good running partner.
FAVORITE THINGS: Running, baths, hanging out inside with a stuffy. Hanging out in the house or yard on nice days. She would be fine as far as we know as a condo or apartment dog as long as adopter can get Daisy out running, not walking, running.

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