DJ (Adoption Pending)


BREED: Shih Tzu Terrier
GENDER: Male (neutered)
AGE: 2.5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small – 6 Kg
HISTORY: Owner surrender in Iran and flying into Calgary International on July 8.
TEMPERAMENT: He needs to trust first, is a little insecure. Last 2 weeks he has been in a foster home in Iran and finally put his guard down and started showing what a sweet dog he is. He needs room and time to decompress and feel secure upon his arrival. He is nervous at first, you can’t push him to be friends, out of fear he will snap to get you to back away. Once he arrives, we will work on rehab to DJ overcomes this and becomes calm and trusting.
PERSONALITY: Once he trusts, he is very sweet and playful but he needs to feel secure first. He is very afraid of big dogs. He is OK with dogs his size and smaller. Due to not being socialized her whole life with other dogs, he’s fearful at first. We will work on this to rehab at which point DJ will become balanced and become a happy dog with other dogs. Not suitable in a home with kids because he is afraid and not a fan of sudden movements and rowdiness.
PETS NEEDS: An adopter who is willing to take the time to let DJ come out of his shell. Someone to further his socialization and take places but let him go at his pace, not push him into close proximity, but to observe new places, people, dogs and stimuli from a bit of a distance. Someone that is home a lot. A home with another small, playful, balanced dog would be really helpful for DJ.
FAVORITE THINGS: Going for walks and playing tug of war.

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