Echo (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd/Lab mix
SEX: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 – 2 years old
SIZE: Medium/Large
History: Echo was found at a gas station homeless, starving, very thirsty, sad, and scared. No one claimed him after calling the shelters, posting her and other lost and found resources. The gas station owner called us after a week of her having out there and trying to get food from people pumping gas.
Temperament: Echo is friendly, loves people and especially. She loves other dogs and is in foster care with a cat. Echo is a quick learner who enjoys being outside, going on long walks, runs at the park, and going on adventures with her foster family. It’s best to let her run first though before trying to take her on a leash walk, she gets really excited and happy but wants to and needs to run. (Typical young lab/shepherd 🙂
Best Match: An adopter who wants a companion dog to take on outing, burn her energy hiking, running, or other outdoor activity. A leader type owner is best who would teach Reward-based training and even clicker work. Echo loves to work, and a clicker would gain her attention with treat reward training. An adopter who is not a pushover or couch potato! Echo would like instruction on how she should behave, what she should be doing. Mild verbal reprimands teach her not to do something, and rewards encourage the repeat of the behaviour you like.
Favourite Things: Being outside, food, playing with humans (including the small ones), treats, going exploring! Echo loves scratches and attention, being cuddled, and humans to engage in tug or ball games with her.

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