Echo (Adoption Pending)

BREED: German Shepherd
AGE: 2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: 33 kilos
HISTORY: Owner died and left Echo with someone who left him outside in far sub zero weather -45 and not well fed or given housing. Came from an Aboriginal community in far northern Alberta in NWT.
TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate and loves attention from anyone. High Energy. Jumps when excited. Is very smart and learns fast, loves learning for that matter. Reacts quickly to your energy.
PERSONALITY: Will cuddle with anyone. He loves attention and to go for walks. He is strong and will pull if he sees a truck. He sniffs everything. Reads people well. We are told has prey drive hence, no cats or small animals, best no small children either since could knock them over.
BEST MATCH: Active adopter experienced with large breed dogs. No cats or young children. Outdoor actives, running, biking, hiking, skiing. An adopter that wants to spend time teaching new things to Echo since he is extremely smart and dogs like this need to use their brains.
FAVORITE THINGS: His people. And exploring.
NOTE: He arrives into Calgary Airport on December 13.

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