Ella (Adoption Pending)


BREED: German Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: Approx 1.5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Approx. 40lbs
HISTORY: She was born on the street in Lebanon. Unfortunately her mom died after sleeping on large gravel pile that toppled onto her and crushed her to death. I got to know of their existence due to two puppies that got lost from their pack. After that the rescuer started putting food and water for all of them, they were a big pack a lot of puppies, she took in the first two she found (still with her not adopted) found homes for 3 others. After all the puppies were gone she took all 6 remaining dogs spayed them and vaccinated them. She has been feeding and taking care of them for almost a year. A couple of weeks back an ignorant cruel man put poison out to kill all stray dogs around. He killed a lot of dogs cats and wild animals, 3 of the dogs were the ones the rescuer was taking care of. It broke her heart finding her beloved dogs cruely killed. The others she was forced to take in in order to keep them safe.
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: She is an extremely shy dog, even scared due to being vulnerable and homeless on the streets. She can be scared at first of dogs due to being bullied on the streets. She might flip on her back, might pee as well, she is harmless with people, once she is relaxed she is playful and loves to jump and hug. She is easy going dogs she knows, and may run away as she is scared from most of them. She likely very fine with cats and kids.
BEST MATCH: Any family can work for her but need to work on gaining her trust.
FAVORITE THINGS: For a dog that hasn’t had a home, I can’t quite tell, she has been living on the street since birth.

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