BREED: German Shepherd
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1 year old
HISTORY: Elly was not socialized when a puppy or up to the point she was surrendered to us, and now, is rehabilitated and loves people, especially the ones she knows and enjoys being with other large or medium dogs. Elly can be a bit unsure of new people. She will growl or bark a bit if hears strange noises like someone coming in the house late at night. 
TEMPERAMENT: Elly has a mild temperament. Easy going for the most part. She will howl if lonely. Needs people around. Elly would work out well in an apartment or condo, she does not need a yard or other dogs, except to socialize with on a regular basis.
PERSONALITY: Elly has a sweet disposition, needs to be with people. She is shy and affectionate, passive. She needs people around.
MATCH: Elly LOVES water! Playing with sprayed hose water, playing in kiddie pools, creeks. She’s a water dog! Also, not a good match for small dogs, kids or cats. She’s very scared of cats! She needs an adopter who wants to go on long, fast-paced walks or easy jogs. Hiking, adventures, and is home most of the time. Elly has a very sensitive nature. She bonds and loves the people that show they care about her.
FAVORITE THINGS: Going for walks, playing with sprayed hose water. Getting attention or being near people she knows. An adopter to give her daily walks and or outings. Elly now enjoys being with other dogs too, they should be medium or large though, any age.

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