BREED: Shepherd/Husky/Pitty
GENDER:  Female
AGE:  10 – 11 months old

HISTORY: Found homeless, starving and pregnant!
SIZE & WEIGHT:  Medium, very petite.
TEMPERAMENT: Outgoing, intense at times, very smart, middle ranking.
PERSONALITY: Playful, talkative, fun, active, full of energy. Elsa is very fast, a bit of an escape artist.  She wants to be with people. Good around all the dogs and kids. So far good around cats too. Please check with us if have cats to further assess. She was a really good mommy, if only a teen herself.
BEST MATCH: An adopter with active lifestyle:  running, biking, hiking. No couch potatoes! She is good as the only dog. Not a good match for condo living. Needs open space and good fenced yard.  
FAVORITE THINGS: Running, being with people that love her.

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