Everest (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Husky/Shepherd
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 years old
WEIGHT: Medium, 40lbs
HISTORY: Saskatchewan remote location rescue.
TEMPERAMENT: Friendly and outgoing.
PERSONALITY: This fella has a very loving personality, he loves cuddles with his people just as much as he loves bouncing around in the snow and playing with toys or his dog friends! Determined, smart. Playful, affectionate.
BEST MATCH: Would be someone active that has another medium to large dog to keep him company and burn off some energy. An adopter to teach basic training using Reward Based Training methods.
FAVORITE THINGS: “I love truck rides and going for walks or playing fetch”. Everest really enjoys learning new things and catches on very quick.
SPECIAL NOTES: Everest is mindful of small children and very gentle with them, along with small dogs. He has been learning basic commands such as sit, down and shakes a paw. He is excellent in a crate and in the vehicle. This is a truly special pup and he will melt your heart given the chance!

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