Finn (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Maremma/Labrador/Heeler mix
AGE: 9 months old
TEMPERAMENT: Finn has a fun and outgoing temperament. He can be pensive, he’s very playful and quirky. He does have a somewhat stubborn streak at times. Finn is a gentle big boy. He’s a middle ranking a dog, he needs a good leader in the way of a human. He needs an adopter that is experienced with large breed since he is one big playful boy.
PERSONALITY: Finn is outgoing and loves nothing more than to play and run and hike with other dogs. Very outdoorsy and has an upbeat personality.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: I have found fin to be good around all animal. He’s getting around all different types of dogs, all sizes as well as the cats at the Rescue centre. He particularly loves playing, running and wrestling with dogs. We do not advise Adoption to anyone with children due to his size and some resource guarding. We’ve worked on that and we don’t have any problems with it but he needs a firm leader to realize he needs to follow the rules.
BEST MATCH: An adopter that has another playful young and large dog that has an outdoor lifestyle of hiking, big yard for running and playing with another dog. Frequent trips to the dog park to burn energy and explore and have fun. Then Needs and Adopter? that is a leader that Finn can look up to for direction rather than deciding what to do on his own. In other words fin needs guidance on how he should behave in the house, what the rules are and his limitations. Not for a first time pet owner. Fin listens well if you believe he will do what you say and you believe in yourself. In other words and the doctor needs to have confidence with instructions, and handling a large dog. Then is very young and willing and wanting to learn he just need someone to pick up where we leave off. We found him to be a really fun boy that really needs someone to show him what is expected of him and insist on.
FAVORITE THINGS: Hiking, running, relaxing inside on a comfy bed chewing a toy went back from dog park or hike. He stays with you on hikes off leash and if you have a pack of dogs stays with them too. Stop for a good time so and a doctor that’s looking for someone to take out on adventures and have a great companion and went to sleep soundly next to your bed at night, Finn is a really great pet dog.

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