Fiona (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Great Pyrenees/Sharpei/Lab mix
GENDER: Female
DOB: Born June 13, 2017 to “Mabel”, who’s very sweet, loving, Goofy, loves to fetch and enjoys water.
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium to Large (when full grown)
HISTORY: Born to a homeless and famished and dehydrated mama on an Albertan Reserve who was found very pregnant.
TEMPERAMENT: Super playful, sweet and loving.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who has the time to raise a puppy using Reward-based training and get it out for on-going socialization from Day 1. An adopter who can set rules and boundaries using a mild touch with a puppy, and begin teaching recall when arriving to it’s furever home. An adopter who does outdoor activities, has another playful dog or friends and family who do.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing, sleeping and eating with siblings. These puppies like investigating and cuddling with each other and being held.

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