BREED/MIX: Shepherd mix (perhaps with husky or St. Bernard)
APPROX. AGE/DOB: 5 months old (as of Feb. 2020)
SIZE/WEIGHT: Probably large when full grown
HISTORY: Found during a freezing, rainy, snowy night along a highway in a ditch. Luckily the rescuer stopped for a pee break and saw a mound of fur in snow late a night in freezing conditions. Was starving and shivering. Very loving, tired and grateful to be in the warm car and be fed.
TEMPERAMENT: Strong, rowdy personality, a lot of dog. Prances around, playful, loves to play with big dogs.
PERSONALITY: Has a lot of confidence. Outgoing. Has a lot of energy. May be a leader type dog when full grown. Strong personality. Very proud, regal. Has good eye contact, be great with adopter who knows dog training.
DOGS NEEDS: Needs a strong leader. Very smart dog. Needs someone to teach basics, rules, manners. Clicker training would be good. Trips to run and play at dog parks. This playful pup has attitude! Not a wall flower, thats for sure! Needs an adopter experienced with dogs and hopefully, has a large dog to play together. A home with a fenced back yard would be ideal.
BEST MATCH: Better a home with no kids since he has a strong personality. Best in a home with a large, playful dog. With adopter with outdoor activities.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with big dogs. Car rides and adventures. Minds well in the car and settles down quickly. Prances around when gets out of car and gets to see new places. He’s also good at waiting in the car after a run or training exercise.

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