BREED: Saluki mix (maybe some Anatolian Shepherd in there)
AGE: 4.5 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large, 32.1kg
HISTORY: Forest was found by volunteer in Qatar on some wasteground near to his villa when he was about a year old. Some children were throwing rocks at him so he stepped in to help. He didn’t look in good condition and it took him a while to be able to touch him, but he fed him every day until he trusted him enough to put on a lead and brought to Paws Rescue in Qatar, that is now forced to close with 250 dogs!
PERSONALITY: Forest can be particular in who he chooses to befriend and sways more towards females – this possibly is related to his abuse experiences as a puppy. He really is a ‘gentle giant’ and a bit of a misunderstood soul. Given the opportunity, Forest is incredibly loving, loyal and enjoys a good cuddle up. At other times he can cry and wince if he thinks someone is going to hurt him.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: He has recently met and been on a few walks with smaller dogs. They were off leash, and he was on a leash, but he spent the time marking rocks and in the end wanted to play with them.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: So far, when jigging around the safety of the shelter in Qatar he has been a bit indifferent towards the cat houses. He has not been properly cat tested, and this might be something that needs to be done in a more controlled situation.
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Due to his size and choosy nature, we feel that a house without children would be good for him. This is not to say that he may not ever be ok with children, but currently he does not get walked by them at the shelter, and is very picky over who he likes.
BEST MATCH: He desperately needs the space to take his large frame. Someone who jogs and bike rides would be terrific. Forest really is a ‘gentle giant’ and given the opportunity to flourish would make the most amazing companion when he finally finds his ‘soul mate’. An adopter who can get Forest socialized in Canada, seeing new things, going new places, teaching basics, rules and boundaries. Needs an experienced pack leader since he is large.
FAVORITE THINGS: Being outside running and exploring and with his favourite volunteer.

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