Gameti (Adoption Pending)

BREED MIX: German Shepherd
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large, 35 kg
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Came from First Nations community of Gameti. She has been chained up her entire life and had no socialization, walks, or attention.
TEMPERAMENT: Gameti has a wonderful temperament, very curious, playful, gentle, middle ranking, rather easy going. Gameti avoids confrontation. She rather play any day.
PERSONALITY: She has a very endearing affectionate personality. She is outgoing, loves to play all day, very engaging with other dogs and people, or, highly focused to search for objects or investigate. She gets along with all the dogs, enjoys their company but especially energetic playful dogs. Gameti will play for hours!
DOG’S NEEDS: Another very playful young, outgoing, large dog and room to run and play in. She needs basics training. Gameti is very smart, smarter than the average dog by far. She could easily be in Search and Rescue or nose work for fun. She is a natural. Regular training and lots of exercise. A VERY smart dog.
BEST MATCH: An adopter with another playful big dog that has time to teach basic training, rules and boundaries. Has outdoor lifestyle and wants a dog companion for hiking and other adventures. No couch potatoes or pushovers. An adopter with leadership skills to teach Gameti what they want so she can have opportunity to use her brain. She would benefit from mental exercise, not just physical. Would love trips to dog parks and needs it, as well as hiking. She would bond to an owner once knows them and be very devoted. She is quite smart and reward based training is best for her, not negative. She is sensitive and will do what you want as long as she understands or trained to that level. An adopter with large yard, acreage, space basically for running and playing with another dog. Best not with first time pet owner or children since an adopter with more time for a pet and dog activities rather than family would be best.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing in a big yard with another very playful, energetic, fun dog! Searching for things. She loves to work and search for things you hide. This is one beautiful, large, loving Shepherd.

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