Gizmo (Adoption Pending)


BREED: Mini Schnauzer/Terrier mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 3 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Small, 4 lbs
HISTORY: Tijuana streets she was in heat and has a long line of male dogs behind her. It’s awful for female dogs when they go in heat. The dogs gang up on the female and often other male dogs nearby.
TEMPERAMENT: She is an outgoing, curious little dog. And likes to he playful with other little dogs.
BEST MATCH: A quiet loving home. Other little dogs would be nice too.
FAVORITE THINGS: Being with other dogs and people. Going for walks. Sniffing the ground and bushes when going on leash walks. She could be a sniffer, Search and Rescue dog! She’d enjoy Nose Work classes! She loves sleeping under the covers with you at night or near you on the bed.

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