Glacier (ADOPTED!!)

BREED/MIX: Shepherd/Husky mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE/DOB: February 2, 2020
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium to Medium large when full grown.
HISTORY: Born at the Rescue Centre. Mother was starving and homeless found very pregnant.
TEMPERAMENT: Outgoing, dominant, leader type, can be bossy.
PERSONALITY: Determined. Very smart, learns fast. Eager to pay attention to someone that knows how to train a puppy, which is easy, just need to teach. Clickers are best!
DOGS NEEDS: An adopter that has had dogs before. A good leader. An adopter more strong willed, not a pushover. No couch potatoes. Outdoor lifestyle.
BEST MATCH: Previous pet owner. Another playful dog in the household. Big fenced yard. Time to spend teaching basic training using Reward Based Training. Dog parks, Running.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with other dogs. Tug-a war. Being held. Cuddling.

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