Grizzly (ADOPTED!!)

Gender: Male
Age: 6 weeks old
Breed: Lab mix
Size: Medium when full grown
History: One of three siblings found freezing and starving huddled under a car seat in a field amongst a much younger litter. All three of these beautiful babies are incredibly affectionate, intelligent and oh so very sweet. They listen extremely well for their age, have quickly learned “Come” and are getting very good at “Outside”, accidents are few and far between already!
Personality: Always loving to be a part of the pack Grizzly is the most sensitive and sweet of them all, adores his siblings and while the girls are leaders, Grizzly is happy to follow.
Favourite things: Food, snuggles and sleep.
Grizzly will be happy anywhere he goes but best suited to an active, affectionate home.

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