BREED: Lab/Husky mix
HISTORY: Homeless from First Nations in northern Saskatchewan.
TEMPERAMENT: Gus is very friendly and has a stubborn streak. He’s a bit head strong, determined, has a mind of his own. He’s easy going as well. He’s looking for somebody to love, that is his true nature. He gives you his paw so you will stay and spend time with him.
PERSONALITY: Gus is quirky and we think would be a devoted dog pal. He likes new things, adventures we’re sure he would be up for, and most likely, car rides to places with his new person.
BEST MATCH: An adopter who has experience with dogs, who is a pack leader and sets rules and boundaries. No push overs or couch potatoes. Someone to take Gus out for hikes, exercise, outings, and teach basic obedience using reward based training. Don’t recommend negative reinforcement since Gus can be stubborn. He just needs to learn what you want, then he’ll do it. Hence, REWARD, and he’ll repeat the behaviour.
FAVORITE THINGS: Affection, and if given the chance, learning what is expected of him as a pet.

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