Harry (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Purebred Black labrador
SEX: Male
AGE: 7 years old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Harry spent his life working as a sniffer dog for a large oil company in Saudi Arabia, but was retired early as they determined his sniffing skills were not thought to be up to standard. Since his retirement he has lived at the local kennel club where he is well looked after but potential adoptive families are few are far between. He is thought to have arthritis in his hip, but RMAR will be looking into this further upon his arrival. He has neutered, microchipped and is up to date with vaccinations.
TEMPERAMENT: Harry is generally a mellow and laid back dog as he spent his life as a working dog, and missed out on things like leisurely walks, swims and human touch, love and attention. He has been introduced to these things over the past few months and acts with the excitement of a puppy when he is being given the attention he deserves. He is a very sweet natured pup, but is not accustomed to a lot of noise and activity. As a result, he can get overwhelmed in high stimulus environments and will need a gentle introduction if his forever family is one with a lot of hustle and bustle!
BEST MATCH: An experienced adopter with older or no children.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Showing off his sniffer skills, tummy rubs, going exploring, and treats.

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