BREED: Husky/Rottweiler mix
GENDER: Female (spayed)
APPROX. AGE: 2.5 years old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Rescue from a First Nations Reservation in Northern Alberta.
TEMPERAMENT: Loving, affectionate, and loves to interact with people. Hatty (as her foster family calls her) does have a very big and ferocious sounding bark, but is generally calm and very quiet and only barks when she encounters strange dogs or animals. Hatty is very sensitive and will cower if around people are upset and raise their voices. Though she grew up with two other dogs, she experienced a few unfortunate interactions with strange dogs, and now displays a lot of anxiety around most dogs. Hatty will act protectively and aggressively with dogs if she is surprised by them or if the other dog does not respect her space.
PERSONALITY: Calm, active/energetic, affectionate, loves to interact with people. Hatty is super attentive to her humans and very sensitive to their moods and behaviour. She is anxious in new situations (but responds well to reassurance, encouragement, and positive reinforcement). Hatty does get anxious during thunderstorms and when around loud, angry people. She is super intelligent and easily trained, she only needs to be told once or twice to drop something or “no” and she never will touch that object again. Hatty is loyal and devoted. While she is used to being able to run free in a large space (and has a sprinting radius of about 1 km) she always returns to her human.
BEST MATCH: A home where Hatty has lots of opportunities to interact with her humans. She is super fit and strong (but gentle with people) and is used to getting a lot of exercise. Because of her fear of strange dogs, Hatty’s ideal home would be one where she is the only dog or lives with a very calm, submissive dog. An owner that will be sensitive and understanding of her anxiety and will provide her with lots of comfort, reassurance, and attention in situations where she is scared. Her ideal home would be with older children who understand boundaries and without cats or other small pets as she has a very high prey drive. She does require more attention than other dogs due to her anxiety.
FAVOURITE THINGS: People, affection. A nice big soft doggie bed. Chasing deer and squirrels. Long hikes and runs. Playing hide and seek/Tag. Cuddling with her humans. Bones (the bigger, the better). Hatty loves to run and play-wrestle with her human friends (who don’t mind her strength). Hatty is currently learning how to fetch, which she enjoys when rewarded with pats. She loves the snow and, if Hatty is given property opportunity to adjust to the cold, has been very happy playing outside in -32 C (though, she has never spent more than an hour in such extreme temperatures).

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