BREED: Husky
APPROX. AGE: 1yr and 9 mos
HISTORY: Hemlock surrendered to us for the third time. The first issue is because of High separation anxiety, chewing household items etc. For the third time, he’s aggressive towards males suspected abuse by former owners, contributing to behaviours.
TEMPERAMENT: Hemlock is affectionate however not a good candidate around children or small dogs. Even though around children and not have any problems…probably better a home without them. We have learned he is mistrustful of some men probably due to his background, but that can easily be modified once around kind men with treats, walks, and leadership. Some men he is totally fine with, others, aloof and stays clear.
PERSONALITY: With the right person he is friendly/loving affectionate, loves to play a lot. He is a great walker and is for the most part obedient. Hemlock is crate trained and should be if left inside the house since we were told he can show signs of separation anxiety if alone. After an adjustment period of time, a dog learns his home is a permanent place. Until then, dogs often try to get outside to be with you after you leave.
BEST MATCH: An adopter that understands Hemlocks uncertainty at first with some men. He had been around children and we are told he does well, however, due to time it takes raising children, we advise a home without children since need to raise Hemlock 🙂 Another playful bigger dog for company and playing and running together that is not dominant type or submissive. A middle ranking type of dog. An adopter who doesn’t care much for dog parks since we’re told Hemlock isn’t good around dominant or submissive dogs, which you often find submissive ones at the dog park. Although, at parks, dogs like Hemlock just enjoy running and show little to no interest in other dogs at a park. DEFINITELY NO CATS. We are told he would harm a cat. He would be best suited with a good sized fenced back yard. An adopter who knows huskies and enjoys teaching rules, basics and leadership.An adopter of course, with an active outdoor lifestyle, especially come winter. You can bet Hemlock loves running, playing and being in snow! Dogs like Hemlock need time to come around to be a good pet. Socialization, basic training, supervision, strong leadership skills. Hemlock learns fast and would like to be a good member of a household, he just needs someone to teach him.
PLEASE NOTE: Hemlock is not suitable for anyone with cats. We have learned he has high pretty drive in this regard. So, no cats! He has not arrived yet, will likely arrive early or September. Please email us about your interest and an adoption application.

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