BREED: Pitbull mix
AGE: 5 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: 30 pounds. Probably will be a large-medium when full grown.
HISTORY: Was brought to us from Northern Albertan First Nations after found homeless, starving and very scared. He arrived very pitiful. He’s not now! He’s a little whipper snapper!
TEMPERAMENT: Very determined, outgoing, did we say determined?! Hendrix is headstrong, very wilful, and when’s sets his mind to something, he goes for it (like getting past the deck door!). Mind you, he’s a puppy, but this type of pup needs experienced pet owner, strong knowledge of Rewards-based training (this pup will not respond well to adversities or even negative reinforcement. Needs training what do to and he will follow. Food motivated that’s for sure. Very smart youngster. You know the saying, Survival of the Fittest. We do not know what happened to his siblings, if they survived, but we can see how he did.
PERSONALITY: He adores people. He craves attention, and with that said, he needs to learn rules and boundaries. He loves positive reinforcement training and knowing where his boundaries are. He has a fun sense of humour! We do not think he will do well with cats. He is far too focused on them even at this young of age. He has loved being near the children he has encountered.
BEST MATCH: Clicker training would highly benefit him since he is beyond average in intelligence. He needs someone with time and patience as he learns to become a pet. He’s so grateful to not be outside in the cold and hungry all the time. He needs an owner with strong leadership qualities, a pack Leader for him to look to for direction. An adopter who realizes spoiling a dog, especially one like Hendrix, before he is educated in the rules of the house and lay of the land. Otherwise, the pet owner would have trouble with a dog like Hendrix once matures. As cute as he is, he needs experienced dog owner and that means, no pushover! Best in a house without children, since owner needs to be present to teach Hendrix what is expected of it, set boundaries, whereas children would not be able to do this. He also needs someone with time to put in for his training. We suggest Nose Work classes for him. Search and Rescue. A dog like him needs a job! Put him to work! And for sure, have him work for his food. Needs Clicker and leash work. And overall manners.
FAVORITE THINGS: Squeeky toys and running. He loves being outside sniffing all the wonderful smells! Comfy dog beds! Learning from his humans. Being in the house near people.
PLEASE NOTE: It’s critical for potential adopter’s to realize Hendrix is not your average dog. It’s not only his high energy, it’s a high prey drive along with genetic aggressive. As a 5 month old puppy, he will kill a cat, kitten, or small dog and attacks other dogs too close to him. He needs very high structure and highly responsible adopter. Someone that knows the pitbull breed and realizes, it’s not how they are raised in some circumstances, an aggressive strain is highly prevalent in some dogs. He’s extremely friendly and loving to humans, but not with other animals. He may get to the point when older to need a basket muzzle. Its to hard to say. Good socialization and Reward-based training is necessary from the get-go, as well as firm Rules and Boundaries. Only an experienced dog owner would be a good match and one with no children since Hendrix needs someone who has time to spend with his training.

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