Honey (ADOPTED!!)

Breed: Chow Chow Cross
Age: Senior, approx 9 years old
Gender: Female
Temperment: Super sweet, gentle, and loves being brushed. Honey has had some dental work done in Mexico as she came to us with very bad teeth rotting inside her mouth. Honey loves lounging beside her humans and just taking in everything going on around her. Honey gets along with other dogs as well as with people. Honey is just that, a honey.
History: Honey was rescued from the streets of Mexico by Maria who found her in a bad way, starved, matted, lonely and with dental decay. She has since got them cleaned by the Mexican vet.
Best Match: An adopter looking for a calm dog, companionship, a loving fluffy dog that will need grooming, perhaps further dental work but not necessarily.
Favorite Things: She loves being near people, laying next to them, having companionship. We are certain she would love going on walks, strolls along lakes, short hikes, visiting new places, seeing life. She’s seen little other than poverty ridden streets.

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