Hope (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd/Husky
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1.8 yrs old
HISTORY: We worked with a team who rescued Hope from First Nations in N. Saskatchewan before a ‘culling’ of homeless dogs was to occur. She was brought to the rescuers attention along with her puppies who were outside freezing in winter. Hope has since has been with a lovely family until one member was showing signs of allergies.
TEMPERAMENT: Hope is gentle and calm. She is a very loving wonderful, well mannered pet.
PERSONALITY: very smart, friendly, loving. Hope is very friendly with other dogs, excellent with kids and cats.
BEST MATCH: Family with young children who are home a lot. Hope needs chew toys and a large yard to run around in. Hope would do well with another dog. She loves people and other dogs. Hope likes being around people. She is very quiet and rarely barks.
FAVORITE THINGS: Hope loves her chew toys, and peanut butter or food in her Kong, loves long walks, runs, and fascinated by deer and rabbits. She loves belly rubs.

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