BREED: Husky
AGE: 8.5 years old
HISTORY: Horace was given up by ‘owner’. He had a couple dogs and were chained to the front steps. It was in a remote community in NWT First Nations. The shelter had Horace flown to Yellowknife when they learned the owner did not want him anymore. The drive would of been 10 hours.
TEMPERAMENT: Somewhat stubborn since does not understand what is wanted from him. He will resist if forced, so needs experienced and patient adopter. Never been in a home learning rules, boundaries,….or manners. Horace is friendly, likes to cuddle and be brushed.
PERSONALITY: Is excitable when out of his kennel in the NWT shelter but very relaxed in his kennel. Sleeps most of the day when not getting attention. Vocal when other dogs are out and he can see them being walked. Does not like being left alone outside in the enclosed area in the NWT shelter dog run. He bit when being forced, not a bad bite, but a nonetheless. So he needs someone that understands he cannot be forced. He needs basic obedience with reward based training only and no one on one handling for now.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: Never been tested with cats, but presumed to not be good with them. Has not had exposure to children. Good with many dogs but not some males.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Needs familiarity and consistency. Does not do well with change and the unknown.
BEST MATCH: Somewhere that he can have a consistent routine with not a lot of changes. And outdoor space, big yard, outdoor lifestyle. Experienced large breed dog owner.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food. Extremely food motivated. Loves attention. Loves going for walks and being free to run in the enclosed outdoor fenced area.
IS PET LEASH TRAINED: No, although will respond to his name when called and give you his attention.
LEVEL OF BASIC TRAINING: Knows how to sit, knows his name to either distract him from another dog walking by, or to get him to not pull on leash, beginning stages of leash walking, extremely food motivated.

**NOTE. Horace is still in NWT Shelter being flown to us in near future once we find someone that can pick him up in Edmonton from Yellowknife. Please check with us if arrived. Once he has time to live in a home environment at the Rescue centre we have no doubt he will become more manageable and eventually become a good pet. Just takes time, patience, understanding, and the opportunity to learn what do you want.

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