BREED: Husky
AGE: 8.5 years old
HISTORY: Horace was given up by ‘owner’ that chained him and two others to the front steps in remote community in NWT. The shelter had Horace flown to Yellowknife when they learned the owner did not want him anymore (The drive would have been 10 hours).
TEMPERAMENT: Somewhat stubborn since does not understand what is wanted from him. He will resist if forced, so needs experienced and patient adopter. Never been in a home learning rules, boundaries,….or manners. It appears Horace is also hard of hearing, no doubt his age is catching up with him. But, he still loves playing ball and to run!
PERSONALITY: Horace is a sweet, endearing fellow. He never had anyone pay attention to him or cared much about his life.
BEST MATCH: Somewhere that he can have a consistent routine with not a lot of changes. And outdoor space, big yard, outdoor lifestyle. Experienced large breed dog owner. Horace needs a calm, consistent, familiar environment. Of course, we have no doubt he’ll LOVE walks, hikes, and going to dog parks, all dogs are overjoyed with those activities. Even though he is 8 years old, he is very vibrant. Experienced dog owner only who understands basics dog behaviour, has a somewhat outdoor lifestyle since Horace is a husky and they love snow! He may be a senior, but he still enjoys running and outdoor activities with people who care about him. Best without children in household due to biting if forced or perceived threatened. Don’t know how he is with cats yet. He is good around all the dogs he has been with free off leash.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food. Extremely food motivated.Try clicker work with him, he will learn fast! He never had an opportunity to be a pet or learn new things or how to live in a human household as part of a family/pack. Loves attention. Loves going for walks and being free to run (especially after being chained his whole life, then in a shelter run, he loved it when he got to run in their enclosed large run. At our Rescue Centre, he likes to explore within the large fenced yard. Horace is friendly, likes to cuddle and be brushed. He links kind people, kind attention. Calm, sweet people makes him so happy and grateful. Playing with a soccer ball.

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